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Does anyone else, when they hear Linkin Park's Waiting for the End, find themselves looking around for a cylon?

Vancouver is not that big
hey, look, now John Druitt, Bigfoot Halling and Charlie Connor, Diego, Henry Foss are in the same Stargate episode, though not on screen together.

Now that I think of it, I'm interested to see if Amanda Tapping and Mitch Pileggi are onscreen together later, and how that goes, seeing as the last time I saw them onscreen together, she was dead.

The Hunger Games
I can not be the only one that has had a hard time making myself finish this book series.  I finally got hold of the trilogy just after the new year, and assumed that I'd have the whole thing read in three or four days.  Four weeks later, I'm halfway through the third book.

I read the first book in a day, mostly because I wanted to see how the writer was going to portray the violence; was she really going to narrate all the gore?  Or find a way to get out of it completely?  I was actually pretty happy with the way she wrote it; it happened, but most of it was tame enough that I'd let an older teen read it.  The second book took three or four days to get through, because by then I'd stopped caring as much.  The third book is at two weeks and counting.

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I think my favorite part of watching Stargate: Atlantis (I love Netflix) is spotting all the actors from other shows.  At the moment, Miles O'Brien and Henry Foss are talking about their prisoners

oooh, now that actress that was the creepy computer on an episode of Voyager is in a therapy session with Trip from Enterprise. 

Stargate fics that made me chuckle

Stargate SG-1, Atlantis recs

Bigger on the Inside  SG-1/SGA/DrWho
by sentientcitizen 
The Doctor meets members of SG-1 and the Atlantis crew.  They all manage to surprise him.

Not this again SGA
by rebeccavoy 
Five times Sam Carter said "Not again" while on Atlantis

Friendly Competition SGA
Atlantis crackfic, with hugging. 

In which I admit that I am a big ol' wimp
Because I know that there are those on my f-list who are fans of Doctor Who:

I started the show over the winter break, and I'm loving it, but I need to know...is Doctor Who always that scary?

I just didn't expect ghosts, and creepy children wandering through war-torn London, and all the dead people. There are dead people everywhere.

My husband and I saw The Empty Child on New Year's Eve, and I made him get up with me to get a drink. There was no way I was going into that dark kitchen alone!

I'm going to keep watching the show, because I love Rose, and the Doctor's sense of humor, and the fantastic oddness, and the ridiculously bad special effects, but I hope someone will take a moment to tell me if I should plan on leaving the lights on while I do. Or at least bring my security blanket..

Stargate SG-1 Recs
I've been meaning to do this for months. 

My husband and I started watching SG-1 in January 2010, and I was immediately hooked.  The characters and the delightful cheese quickly made it one of my favorite shows.  I think I like the fic and the fandom even more than I do the show, because there are some amazingly talented writers out there who are still writing great fic.  I was delighted to find that some of my favorite X-Files writers moved on to the Stargate fandom, too.  I've amassed a big, honkin' list of favorites, but I've given up on ever organizing them.  I just want to post them so I can find them again, and maybe introduce someone else to a new story.

A few of my favorite fics INPO:

Biting the Bullet (S/J)

One of the most creatively interesting things about SG-1 is that AUs are cannon. This is a "five times" story that explores Sam and Jack's relationship in five canon alternate realities.  It's perfectly in character, and I laughed out loud the first time I read it.

pepper_field (team)
To Dance of the Floor in the Round

Babyfic is everywhere, and it is usually awful.  This is one of the very, very few I have ever enjoyed, because the author makes it plausible.  There's a perfectly reasonable, if strange, reason for the baby to show up, and the team comes together to deal with it.  Plus, the image of Teal'c cuddling a baby is ridiculously adorable.

ayamgila  (S/J, Sam/Cam)
I have a serious weakness for apocafic, and for Sam/Cam, but only when Jack has a plausible reason for not being around.  This fic is both. It's also heartbreaking and very well written.

Favorite female character meme
I started this during the blizzard that gave me an extra day of Thanksgiving vacation.  As I start school again tomorrow, I thought it was time I finish it.

Name your favorite female characters. 
Post a picture
Tell why you like them

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Dear Baen, I love you
Since the semester is over barring one term paper, I broke down and got Cryoburn from the library.  I have exercised great restraint in not opening it yet, but I did find something truly awesome.

In the back of the book is a CD with the entire Vorkosigan library on it.  Every book, every short story, plus the companion.  And it's perfectly legal to copy it.

Seriously.  It says so right on the disk.  "this disk may be copied or transferred but not sold."

I now own the entire library in e-book form, which pretty much made my entire day, and will make the winter break pass MUCH too quickly.

Geeking out
Last night's Castle episode made me all squealy. Quietly squealy.  Because the kids were asleep.

Castle ep + X-files tribute episode + Firefly references + Star Trek reference =awesome

Also, How to Succeed in Business on Broadway is getting some new cast members, including Daniel Radcliffe as Ponty.  Dear Universe: if i am ever destined  to win a trip to New York City, please let it be now.  Must I mention the rather significant birthday that is approaching? 


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