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Sherlock fic rec
I haven't really dived into the Sherlock fandom, though I am enjoying the show immensely.  Mostly I have avoided it for the same reason I avoid Downton Abbey's fandom; I live in the US, and I refuse to watch episodes through illegal means, or to pay for them.  This means I am watching episodes months after everyone else has and I have to dodge spoilers.

I did run into this Sherlock fic through my f-list, and I am so glad I did.  I think the author got the character voices absolutely spot on; I could clearly hear their voices in my head through the whole thing.  I could picture it as if it had been filmed.  I laughed out loud several times.  It's delightful.  Very slight spoilers through Series 2 Episode 2

Cabin Fever by awanderingbard

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I'm on the same Sherlock schedule you are, heh. I actually just watched 2.2 tonight, and will get to 2.3 very soon (although I think I have been slightly spoiled just from overhearing conversations...).

This fic sounds like fun!

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