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My shows in one sentence each
TV show meme.  Stolen from someone, somewhere, a year or so ago. 

Show I am still watching this season
1. Burn Notice: Because Maddie and Sam are awesome. 
2. Psych: Because Lassie is getting better and better.
3. Community--because just when I start to feel that the show is not longer entertaining, they throw a cliche-based show at me, and it's the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time.
4. Big Bang Theory: because, even though I miss the days when the show was about four geniuses, the women taking over is worth it.
5. Modern Family: because the writers combine funny and heartwarming so well.
6.Castle: because the secondary characters are more fun than the primary ones. 
7. Sanctuary: Because The Five are awesome.
8. Eureka: Because it's almost over, and I've put this much time into it.

Shows I dropped this season
1. Chuck: because the stupid of the show finally outweighs the awesome that is Adam Baldwin

New shows i picked up this season
1. Spy: because I can't describe the enjoyment I get from this show in one sentence.  It's probably my current favorite.
2. Revenge: because I love a good serial (and because Max Martini is hotter than anyone I've seen onscreen in a long time).
3. Suburgatory: because I just moved to my own suburban hell, and the show helps me cope.
4. Grimm: because I hope it's going to become delightfully creepy.

Shows I picked up this season and then put down again
1. Terra Nova: because Brannon Braga seems to have brought some bad habits with them, and the coolness of the dinosaurs wasn't enough.
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