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Getting it all down makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something
I almost never comment on RL, but I haven't been around much and I thought I'd explain why.

I still try to read posts and fic.  I don't comment much, for which i should probably be beaten with something, but life has gotten a little out of control lately, and I have been short on time, and so addled that I was afraid that nothing I said would make sense, anyway.

When my husband decided a year ago to go to graduate school, I supported him wholeheartedly. What I did not forsee is that we would end up moving from our (newly purchased) house and starting anew in a city ninety miles south.  This made life a little more interesting.  I don't think I have been so busy in my entire life.

In the last two months I have:

Found out we were moving
Found an apartment
Packed up a house in nine days
Thrown a party so my daughter could say goodbye to her friends
Moved to apartment
Cleaned out, repaired, painted, and prettied up house to put on the market
Finished a year of school
Taken and finished a nurse assistant program
Decided what I want to be when I grow up (a physician assistant, and work in palliative care)
Turned 30
Celebrated our 10th anniversary with Mr. Yoda
Continued my quest to raise two daughters
Gotten out of bed in the morning to find that my new apartment is flooding
Tried and become addicted to Nutella

So, life has changed quite a bit.  Now the dust is settling, and here I am in a new city where I know not a single person.  I have found the used book store, and I'm equidistant between two really good libraries, so I don't feel completely lost.  Now I just need to locate a fellow Democrat (no luck yet) and I'll be feeling much more comfortable. 


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That's some few months you've had! Good luck with everything.

Wow, that's quite the two months! But I hope you settle in and find some good new friends.

Congratulations on 10 years!

Are you on the job hunt now, or do you have more schooling or training first?

I highly approve of Nutella.

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