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Meme from ami_ven

At age 15
- I lived in: the house where I grew up, somewhere near Salt Lake City, Utah
- I drove: I was learning to drive the family station wagon
- I was in a relationship with: No one.  Way too shy for dating, and I wasn't allowed yet, anyway
- I feared: mean girls at school.  Public speaking.  Spiders. Making phone calls
- I worked at: I had a regular babysitting gig
- I wanted to be: a teacher.  Also, a writer

Now . . .
- I live in: a townhouse with my husband and two kids, somewhere else in Utah
- I drive: an Elantra
- I am in a relationship with: Mr. Yoda
- I fear: still fear spiders and making phone calls.  The new job I start next week
- I work at: I just put in two weeks notice at the group home where I work.  I am starting at a hospital next week.
- I want to be: a nurse.  Possibly a nurse anesthetist, or a nurse practitioner


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