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Meme from ami_ven

At age 15
- I lived in: the house where I grew up, somewhere near Salt Lake City, Utah
- I drove: I was learning to drive the family station wagon
- I was in a relationship with: No one.  Way too shy for dating, and I wasn't allowed yet, anyway
- I feared: mean girls at school.  Public speaking.  Spiders. Making phone calls
- I worked at: I had a regular babysitting gig
- I wanted to be: a teacher.  Also, a writer

Now . . .
- I live in: a townhouse with my husband and two kids, somewhere else in Utah
- I drive: an Elantra
- I am in a relationship with: Mr. Yoda
- I fear: still fear spiders and making phone calls.  The new job I start next week
- I work at: I just put in two weeks notice at the group home where I work.  I am starting at a hospital next week.
- I want to be: a nurse.  Possibly a nurse anesthetist, or a nurse practitioner

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We interrupt this marathon reading of Cold Days to point out that Bob made a Firefly joke.

And Harry didn't get it.

Sherlock fic rec
I haven't really dived into the Sherlock fandom, though I am enjoying the show immensely.  Mostly I have avoided it for the same reason I avoid Downton Abbey's fandom; I live in the US, and I refuse to watch episodes through illegal means, or to pay for them.  This means I am watching episodes months after everyone else has and I have to dodge spoilers.

I did run into this Sherlock fic through my f-list, and I am so glad I did.  I think the author got the character voices absolutely spot on; I could clearly hear their voices in my head through the whole thing.  I could picture it as if it had been filmed.  I laughed out loud several times.  It's delightful.  Very slight spoilers through Series 2 Episode 2

Cabin Fever by awanderingbard

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I was hanging out at my new, still mostly empty apartment last night.  The neighborhood isn't a bad one, but you never know who the neighbors are and if there's a peeping tom or an Avon salesperson in the area until you've lived somewhere for a while.  The door was locked, the windows were locked, so I felt pretty safe as I unpacked.

Then I noticed the dryer vent.

I spent the next twenty minutes looking over my shoulder for Eugene Victor Tooms.  And yes, I checked the trunk of my car before I drove away.

The X-Files: still freaking scary ten years later

wait--he died?
Spoilers for Sanctuary, I suppose. But only if you didn't see season 3Collapse )

So I just missed that completely? 

I need to stop doing futoshiki while watching Sanctuary, if I'm missing character deaths.


My shows in one sentence each
TV show meme.  Stolen from someone, somewhere, a year or so ago. 

Why I watch the shows that I do, in one sentence eachCollapse )
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Getting it all down makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something
I almost never comment on RL, but I haven't been around much and I thought I'd explain why.

I still try to read posts and fic.  I don't comment much, for which i should probably be beaten with something, but life has gotten a little out of control lately, and I have been short on time, and so addled that I was afraid that nothing I said would make sense, anyway.

When my husband decided a year ago to go to graduate school, I supported him wholeheartedly. What I did not forsee is that we would end up moving from our (newly purchased) house and starting anew in a city ninety miles south.  This made life a little more interesting.  I don't think I have been so busy in my entire life.

In the last two months I have:

writing it down made me feel betterCollapse )


We do our best to fight them off, but they keep sending em in
learning is delighful
I may just be really tired, but this struck me as hilarious.

The Physics of Clown Cars


learning is delighful
 I posted at awesome_women as part of the Conspirators theme. 

Woman I'd most like to hatch a conspiracy with: MInerva McGonagall

It's a fun community; if you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

Hey, isn't that...
Want to know what I like most about the show Psych?  Aside from the 80s pop culture references, and Jules and Lassie's partnership, there are moments like this:

If you squint, you can see Carter and O'Neill fishing on the dock


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